Welcome to Sweet Repeats' Internet Tagging System

New Users

If you have never created a user account with our new system for any of our sales or with myconsignmentmanager.com, please click on the Create User Account button to create an account and start entering your items. However, if you have previously created a user account with any of our sales or with myconsignmentmanager.com, follow the steps under "Returning Users."

Returning Users

If you have used our system or myconsignmentmanager.com before, you are a returning user, and you do not need to create a user account.

To Register with our sale, just click on the "Register Here" button. The system will guide you through the registration process. Once you have finished the registration process, you will be forwarded to the system's main page.

In order to register, you must agree to the following items by placing a checkmark next to each item:

I agree to uphold the standards of Sweet Repeats by bringing items that are stain-free, tear-free, and in good condition.
I will print my tags on white card stock using BLACK ink only.
I will bring a maximum of 5 stuffed animals. All other items are unlimited.
I understand that at 3pm on the Saturday of the Sale, all items marked "Donate" become property of Trinity Heart2Heart MOPS to donate to charities of their choosing and/or sell to benefit the MOPS non-profit organization.