Seamless Integration with your Website

We have two ways to integrate our system and your website:

1)We will provide you with a set of links that you can place in your website to allow your sellers to reach our system.

2) We will provide you with a web page link that will be the central entry point for your sellers to access our system. The MyCM seller's accounts will link be linked directly from your website.

Either option you choose, our site will match your website's look, giving your sellers the impression that they have never left your website. For more information please contact us at:

Website Design

Do you have to have a website?

No, you do not have to own a website for your sale. If you are concerned about the investment costs of owning a website and want to run one sale before you make that decision, you have the option to do that, as well. We can still provide you an integrated webpage with your logo at the top or sale name so, you can email their login information to your participants .

Why would you want to consider a website?

If you want your sale to be professional, easy to manage and easy to consign and volunteer, you definitely should invest in a website. Not only will it allow your participants a convenient way to answer all their questions about your policies and procedures, but it will free you up from having to spend unnecessary time on emails and phone calls and create a professional image for your sale.

Before you pay too much money, contact us first. Our web design and development services will provide you with a professional website, which is easy to use, relevant for your business and reasonably priced.

You should choose MyCM, because we know about your business. Another webmaster may not know anything about your business. We do. We know and understand everything about the seasonal consignment sale business - so you don't have to waste your time explaining how it all works. We can guide you so that you can have a great website!


Website Design: $700.00/website (fees include: a 10 page static site that is integrated with our database and tagging system, 3 revision sessions, and two photograph pictures)

Standard hourly rates: $70/hr and $35/half hour.
Hosting: $7.00/month (must pay for one year at a time; up to ½ year is refundable if not used)
Email $1.00/month (must pay for one year at a time; up to ½ year is refundable if not used)
Domain $13/year
Consignment Pictures: available for purchase

For more information please contact us at: